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Dr. Zoran Čekerevac

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FBIM Transactions

FBIM Transactions
Year VIII, Vol. 8, Issue 1
DOI: 10.12709/fbim.

Editorial on FBIM Transactions 2020-1

Prof. Dr Dr. h.c. Zoran Čekerevac1
(1) Faculty of Business and Law, “Union - Nikola Tesla” University, Knez Mihailova 33, Belgrade, Serbia
Email: zoran@cekerevac.eu

April 15th, 2020

(Without Abstract)

Welcome to the April issue of the FBIM Transactions, an international academic journal jointly published by MESTE, the Faculty of Business and Law of the "Union-Nikola Tesla" University in Belgrade and SZ & Associates in Toronto (Canada). FBIM Transactions is published online as well as in print (primarily for libraries and subscribers).
This number of the journal is published in the specific conditions created by the pandemic of the corona virus that threatens much of humanity. Many activities have been suspended, which drastically affects people individually and the world economy. The borders of many states are closed. People are advised to distance themselves and stay in their homes.
In these conditions, the importance of the Internet and communication via the Internet is obvious. For now, it works perfectly and allows people to stay connected and informed. Thanks to the Internet, work from home, our authors and reviewers, we can offer our readers a new issue of FBIM Transactions with seventeen new works. We are sure that you will find some of the articles that will attract your attention.
We wish you good health and we invite you to publish your new works. Our journal is particularly interested in papers that can give your perspective on the economic and social changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are inspired to write a paper, we will help you to publish it.

Zoran Čekerevac

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MESTE NGO and FBIM Transactions academic journal support teamwork and encourage international scientific cooperation.

That is why we are especially willing to publish works of groups of authors from two or more different countries.

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